Have you ever felt that something is not right when you are playing your favorite slots? Who invests tens or sometimes hundreds of euros and still loses? If so, this article is for you.

Although it doesn’t seem like it, slot machines , or slot machines, are not just about your luck. Of course, once the rollers are turned, there is nothing left to do. Because, without a doubt, the things you have an impact on are before you start rolling. Therefore, the best way to play is to know how to make the most of your bets.

Be picky when choosing a casino

Even though, for the most inexperienced players, the slots all look the same, this conclusion is hasty. Of course, you can say that the visuals change, this being an obvious fact, as well as an important factor in whether the game makes you feel comfortable. But the most important thing here comes down to numbers, not the artistic part of the game.

In fact, if you are a relentless player who doesn’t plan on leaving the casino with less money than when you entered, then the first step in choosing a slot is to check your RTP (Return To Player – return on investment of the money you played). Most slots have an RTP that is around 95% and 97%.

In short, choose slots with high RTP’s. It’s a matter of researching before playing. Well, something as unremarkable as a small difference between 95% and 97% can end up making a difference at the end of the day.

Lastly, if you’re fed up with losing out on a particular slot machine, move on to the next one!

Choose a slot machine that fits your goals

As in the previous point, the idea is still relevant in this one: all slot machines are different. It is therefore necessary that you do not let yourself be deceived. You’ll find slots with infinitely different features and features, as well as varied rules. So it’s important to define what you want and which slots you want to play.

Want to have fun and not worry too much about your return on investment? Play feature-laden slots with high volatility. On the other hand, are you worried about your money and want to make a profit? Play simple games with high RTP’s and low volatility !

…and do it knowingly

By the way, did you know that your chances of winning don’t increase every time you play? Contrary to what you might think, your success does not depend on how much you invest in the machine. The machines’ RNG (Random Number Generator) processors make your chances always equal, no matter how much you play.


In English, you will hear the term “loose slot”, which means loose slot, in a literal translation. In the past, when online betting games were not even a mirage, these machines were the ones that had a “loose screw” and therefore were defective. This usually meant that they paid more often or in greater quantities, as they had a defect, often from the factory.

Nowadays, this term no longer has the same meaning, because all games are programmed in computational code. In this way, they are almost automatic to detect failures. However, nowadays, you can still explore the payment of a slot, if you seem to be paying more than the rest, or more than usual.

Abuse of no deposit bonuses

Fortunately, some casinos offer no deposit bonuses that don’t require the consumer to make any money. This means they are basically offering money. If a casino offers you €10 in credits to register and play, enjoy!

With any luck it’s possible to win big prizes without even depositing a penny of your own. Of course it’s unlikely, but it’s still money that’s keeping you from getting out of your own wallet.

Establish a budget

No matter what companies or games try to sell you, always follow this rule, without exception. Gambling and online gaming can very easily get out of hand if you don’t know your own limits.

For that reason, never give in to the pressure of advertising and advertisements – always set a budget limit and never exceed it. This not only ensures that you won’t lose more money than anticipated, it also more easily prevents you from acquiring a dangerous gambling addiction. Never bet money you don’t have.

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